Innovation and performance

Revolutionary car models

Discover revolutionary car models combining unprecedented innovation and performance. Immerse yourself in a new era of exciting driving and incomparable experiences.


Sports cars

Move up a gear


Collector cars

Explore timeless charm


Luxury cars

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury

Car rental

Book a car near you!

Looking for a convenient, affordable and safe way to rent a car in Norway? Find the car that’s right for you, and hit the roads in complete safety thanks to our fast, efficient rental service.

Thanks to a specialized search engine, you’ll always find a car in your area with ease. Renting a car online means finding the ideal car from private owners, without breaking the bank. Check out the offers now and set off on your adventure in style.


Get the car you need

Book a car near you

Find affordable vehicles nearby

Benefit from a simple rental service

Experience something out of the ordinary!

Essential checklist

What maintenance should be carried out on a vehicle?


Draining and checking fluids

Extend engine life, maintain performance and avoid costly breakdowns with a safe, professional oil change service.


Brake and tire inspection

Ensure your safety on the road by letting experts check the condition of your brakes and tires, for confident driving.


Battery and lighting check

Flat batteries and faulty lighting can ruin your ride ? Have your electrical system inspected and repaired for reliability.

Family car

How to choose the right family car?

Your family deserves the best. That’s why you need to choose the right family car. Discover our top tips for finding the ideal vehicle for your household. With the right car for your needs, you can travel with peace of mind and enjoy every moment.

The car model

The car model

Excellence on four wheels.

Engine and fuel

Engine and fuel

Power and efficiency.

Passenger capacity

Perfect space for all your trips.

Comfort equipment

Comfort equipment

Incomparable driving luxury


Automotive Service

Expert advice for your next purchase

Buy from a dealer

Find the car of your dreams, new or used, from a dealer you can trust, with a quality warranty and after-sales service. Explore a selection and enjoy a hassle-free buying experience. Choose peace of mind and drive with confidence.

Buy a vehicle privately

Save money on your car purchase by opting for a privately-owned vehicle. Discover a multitude of offers, negotiate directly with the owners and save big. Be smart, find the rare gem and drive freely without breaking the bank.

Clean car

Options for every need and budget

Electric car

Electric car

Drive into the future with an electric car. No gas, no emissions, just clean, quiet energy.

Hybrid car

Save money and the environment with a hybrid car. Get the best of both worlds: power and efficiency.

Hydrogen car

Hydrogen car

Hydrogen-powered cars are the future of clean transportation. They produce no emissions and have a long range.