Motorcycle Tires for Sale

Motorcycle tires are the important parts of your motorbike. You can find different types and models of motorbike tires available in the market today. It is totally depends on the owners which one to buy as per the specifications of the motorcycle. While choosing tires for your motorbike, you need to keep some key components in your mind to perform the highest safety standards.

Tire Types: It is important to make sure that you should not mix bias tires with radial tires. Due to differences of construction of bias and radial tires, they might have different abilities to carry side and peripheral forces. This is the main reason why you should not mix the two applications. It is always recommended to follow manufacturers’ specifications.

Replacement: Now, you know what type of tires you need but you must always aware of when you need them. It is really very important that you replace your motorcycle tires when they are almost 1/32 tread depth range. Anything less is really marginal and should be approached with caution. It is always necessary that you inspect your tires for cracks or evidence of dry rotting. If sigs of either appear, it would always be best to replace them immediately. While replacing motorbike or four wheeler tires, it is recommended to replace front and rear at the same time. If front tires are new and the backs are worn, it will create an unstable condition. Also, make sure that your tires are mounted with the directional arrows pointing in the proper direction.

Tread Pattern/Compounds: Tread Pattern and Tread Compound is totally depends on the applications of the tires. Suppose, you are looking for longevity and fuel mileage, a harder rubber compound is needed. On the other side, if you are looking for a tire to have additional gripping capabilities, then you would definitely require a tire with softer compound. The softer the rubber, the more grip the tire will have. But keep this in mind that this can only be at the expense of the mileage. Tread pattern is also important and directly relates to your application. If you are travelling in wet conditions, a good tread pattern is required to dissolve in the water and increase your traction. Make sure you carefully select your application as you will choose your next set of motorcycles tires for sale.

Proper Inflation: Make sure that your motorcycle tires are properly inflated and crucial as well. Over inflated tire would be as dangerous as under inflated tires. If the tire in under inflated, it can build excessive heat, produce uneven tire wear and perform poorly during concerning. All situations can result in failure of tire, or damage to the extent that the tire is unable to be used. At the time of setting your tire pressure, make sure your tires have been sitting for at least three hours.

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